ASF Belgium: movement restrictions lifted for forests

As of May 15, the Walloon government will again allow the movement of walkers and cyclists, under certain conditions, through the wooded areas that had previously been restricted due to the presence of ASF in wild boar.

According to the authorities, although the disease has not yet been eradicated completely, it is under control and there are positive signs that would indicate that the crisis is coming to an end.

In spite of the containment measures related to COVID-19, the Nature and Forestry department of the Walloon Public Services has continued working, keeping the wild boar population in the area to a minimum, especially during the month of March, a time of increased farrowing.

The Strategic Committee for ASF considers the situation under control. However, disease monitoring must continue and surveillance must be maintained: there is still a limited presence of wild boar. To prevent any risk of spread, efforts will continue to eliminate the wild boar population in the infected area and in the observation and surveillance zones.

April 28, 2020/ AFSCA/ Belgium.