First ASF case confirmed in Germany

The German Minister of Agriculture, Julia Klöckner, has just confirmed the first case of ASF in Germany at a press conference.

It is a wild boar found dead in Brandenburg, specifically in the Spree-Neisse district.

The samples were sent to the reference laboratory, the Friedrich-Loeffler Institute, which has confirmed the suspicion.

Among other actions, searches are being carried out for other possible dead wild boar in the area to analyze the existence of contagion and determine the extent of the disease.

A press conference of the federal government of Brandenburg is scheduled for this noon to explain the restriction measures taken and which areas will be affected. Among the measures to be taken, the Minister has spoken of restriction in the movement of people and vehicles, restriction or prohibition of hunting, restriction or prohibition of the use of agricultural land to prevent the migration of wild boars that may be carriers of the virus or creation of hunting "corridors".

In relation to the economic effects after the confirmation of the disease, the Minister has emphasized the use of regionalization measures recognized within the EU, which means that trade is only suspended for companies located within the restriction zone to be defined by Brandenburg.

The Minister has also reported that contact has been established with the main destinations for German pork, such as China, to accept regionalization.