A LIFE MEGA projekt: csökkenteni a sertéstelepek károsanyag-kibocsátását

The European LIFE MEGA project will test two different technologies in pilot farms for pigs in Italy and Spain: a prototype of a wet scrubber to improve indoor air quality and animal welfare; and a prototype of a dry scrubber, currently used in other industrial sectors, to clean pig stalls.


A 70% reduction in ammonia emissions on pig decks is expected to be achieved through the use of the wet scrubber and a reduction of at least 80% in suspended particles; the concentration of volatile organic compounds in the pig houses and the surrounding environment is also expected to decrease, as well as the secondary formation of suspended particles, with a greater effect during the winter, with a reduction of up to 25% thanks to the reduction of ammonia emissions.


This is a key job that works towards better sustainability of the agricultural and livestock sector. A sector that accounts for around 95% of ammonia emissions in the European Union and is the largest source of PM2.5 (suspended particles of less than 2 microns), with levels of at least 40% in many countries. In addition, the livestock sector generates 35% of the methane produced by human activities.


IRTA participates as a partner in this project.


December 19, 2019/ IRTA/ Spain.


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